Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beef.. It's what's for lunch

My Oriental Medicine Practitioner told me that I needed to eat more blood building foods especially red meat. Red meat is not something that I eat very often, a few times a month if that. It is pretty disgusting the way they raise the cows that American's eat. They are miserable and treating horribly from birth to slaughter. They are fed food that they cannot digest which, along with their living conditions, makes them sick. Their feed contains pesticides and herbicides, and they are pumped full of hormones. After slaughter during processing they are washed with chemicals and exposed to many toxins. When eat them, we are ingesting all the toxins they had and the chemicals released by their body in response to them being sick. Gross! That's enough to make anyone a vegetarian.

The irony is there are so many health benefits to eating high quality red meat. As I said before it is blood building, full of vitamins and minerals. Grass fed beef even contains omega-3 fatty acids, the healthy fat that is found in fish. Feeding grass to cows also cuts down significantly the number of bacteria found in the beef.

99% of the time I refuse to eat beef unless it is organic and grass fed. Today, my sister and I went to Blue Moon Burger for some cheeseburgers. They get all their meet from Thundering Hooves Ranch. Thundering Hooves is a small family own ranch that takes care of each individual animal that they raise. The meat is purchased directly through the farm rather than through a distributer or market. It feels good to be able to eat a burger with a clean conscience. The meat we ate was from a healthy cow with no hormones or antibiotics. It consumed no pesticides or herbicides. I know it was treated good through it's life and was aloud to roam free and be happy. When it came time for slaughter I feel confident that it was done as humanely as possible.


  1. I like this blog post, Rene. I actually never heard of Blue Moon Burger, but it sounds good. I'll have to check it out! I agree with you that now that I know what I know about any kind of meat, I pretty much have to leave my brain at the door to go out and eat meat at a regular restaurant.

  2. There is nothing like a good burger. I saw this place in Fremont and I had no idea they used grass fed beef! I usually reserve my burger eating for at home where I know what kind of beef goes in! I am excited to give this place a try.

  3. Don't forget Lunch Box Laboratory in Ballard! They also use local grass fed and I can honestly say they serve the best burger in the entire world, no exaggeration.