Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fruit and Yogurt : Breakfast of champions?

It seems like for most of my life I have heard that the perfect, most healthy breakfast (or desert) is yogurt with fruit. What could be better than a bowl of creamy yogurt topped with colorful, sweet, just in season berries. There are fruit smoothies for that on the go morning meal or quick afternoon pick me up.

Imagine my surprise when I learned in my Ayurvedic class that fruit with yogurt is a big no-no! Ayurveda is a system of medicine that India has been using for thousands and thousands of years. It focuses on disease prevention by using diet, lifestyle and herbs. Diet should be modified according to the individuals constitution, but there are only a few absolutes that apply to anyone - one of them is never eat fruit (except mango) with yogurt. So far they have been right about everything else I have learned so why not this??

According to Ayurveda eating fruit with yogurt blocks the channels and creates a gooey mucus throughout your body and especially in the intestines. My teachers claim they have taken people off their daily fruit-and-yogurt smoothies, and within a few weeks their skin conditions have completely cleared up. It's a hard thing to process considering how popular it is here today. Is it worth a try? I've tried it and noticed significant results. It can't hurt.

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